Senior Exit Project

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Students of the Vail Digital Learning Program complete their Senior Project through Vail Academy & High School.
In order to receive assistance with their Senior Project, VDLP students should contact the VDLP Senior Exit Project Advisor Mrs. Peters at or at 520.879.1926.


Month Activities to Complete
Summer   Ideas for the Senior Exit Project (SEP) are seriously being considered.  Mentors should also be considered.
August Project must be identified.  Parent consent form must be completed and signed by Thursday, August 24, 2016.  Student should try to secure a mentor as soon as possible. See Mrs. Peters for mentor handout.
September Letter of Intent must be completed by Wednesday, September 7, 2016.  The letter of intent must clearly specify what the student will accomplishing.  The letter will allow the advisors to know if the project is rigorous, realistic, and safe.  Upon approval, the student may start gathering books, magazines and other sources to get started.
October Serious work has begun on the research paper and all work and resources are being documented. The first and second drafts of the research paper are being peer edited.  Note: The research paper must follow MLA format, must be 8-10 pages, and must have 8-10 sources; only 7 sources may be from the Internet, the rest may be interviews, magazine, books, etc.  There will be two free workshops after school to help you with your research paper.  The workshops will be October 26th and 27th.
November The research paper must be turned in no later than THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2016.  If the student is absent on the due date, it may be submitted by electronically by 2:40 P.M. without penalty.  If the paper does not receive a 70%, the rewrite deadline is December 4th, 2016.  If there is a second failure, the student will attend mandatory tutoring with Mrs. Peters; the fee will be $45.00 for two after school tutoring sessions.

Late Paper-If the student is late with the research paper and there is no valid reason to support the circumstance, the student will lose ten points of the overall score, and will become ineligible to go on the senior trip.  The student must immediately make arrangements with the advisor to turn in the paper.

Note:  Research papers will be graded by graduate students from the University of Arizona.  They will grade papers using the same criteria they use to grade freshman papers at U of A.  The paper must receive a 70% or above to pass. 
Turn in your best work!

October – December Students should start working on their hours; a minimum of 24 hours must be completed. The hours must be hands-on work. Students must document the work by writing in their journal and filling out their time log. Initials will be required by the person supervising the student’s hours. Student does not have to work with mentor for all 24 hours; the mentor is a consultant, and the student can work at home under the supervision of a parent.  The person who witnessed the student working can initial the log.  If you are doing an internship, pleas see advisor for specific instructions.
January Students should continue working on completing hours. Students must document all activities. The student should take pictures, log hours, and write journals.
February This month should be used to finalize hours and to complete evidence.  The electronic portfolio should be ready to be graded on MONDAY FEBRUARY 27th, 2017 by 2:40 P.M. The portfolios are judged by faculty. If the student fails the portfolio, the student has 4 days to resubmit: the most the student can receive after failing is a 70%. Note:If the student is late with the portfolio, the maximum score the student can receive is 70% and the student will be ineligible to go on the senior trip. The portfolio and the hours must be completed in order for the student to graduate.  Absent students still need to have it posted by the due date.
March Presentations – WEDNESDAY MARCH 8th,2017. The presentation must be 8-10 minutes long and it is usually judged by Vail faculty as well as community members. The presentation should not depend solely on technology; the student needs to speak to judges about their project. If the student fails the presentation, the student has up to 5 days to prepare and present again. Student must pass the presentation in order to be eligible to go on the senior trip  and in order to graduate.
April Showcase – THURSDAY March 30th, 2017. At this event, seniors present their projects and portfolios to the community and demonstrate their knowledge of the subject to friends, relatives, and neighbors and their junior class. This event is not mandtory, but 3 percentage points will be awarded for this activity.  See you there!

Senior Project Graduation Requirement

The purpose of the Senior Project at Vail Academy & High School is to serve as a comprehensive, culminating project that helps seniors prepare for life after high school. Student presentations are made to Vail faculty and members of the community.  This also serves as an opportunity for students to network, and build useful presentation skills needed in today’s marketplace. It is a graduation requirement for the Vail School District. Our standards are high: students must initiate an actual project (i.e., building or producing something) or serving in a leadership role in the community. Job shadowing and reporting on what someone else is doing is not considered a valid project. The entire project consists of three (3) main parts. Students must pass each part individually in order to receive credit for their Senior Exit Project.

The Research Paper
The research paper portion of the Senior Project is a eight to ten page paper with a variety of reference types including an interview with an expert in their field. The paper is graded by graduate students at the University of Arizona.

The Portfolio
The portfolio portion is a comprehensive documentation of the actual project completed by the student. The portfolio is graded by the faculty and staff of Vail Academy & High School.

The Presentation
Finally, students have the opportunity to explain to others what their project was and what they learned from doing it. The presentations are graded by teachers, parents and community members.